Is a Career As a Lawyer a Good Career For Me?

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A career as a lawyer has many appealing qualities, including earning potential and job stability. However, there are some things to consider before deciding whether a law career is the right fit for you.

Is it a good career for me?

Many people are drawn to becoming lawyers because they feel they can use their legal knowledge to help enforce justice and make a difference in their communities. The pay is a big draw, too, with the median salary for lawyers in 2016 reaching $118,160.

It is not the get-rich-quick scheme that some may think, though, as law school is a long and expensive process. Upon graduation, newly-minted lawyers typically face large amounts of student loan debt – and that’s before they even begin to earn a salary.

Is it a good salary for a lawyer?

Although lawyers are paid well, their salaries are not as high as some other professions. This is because the demand for legal services is increasing, making it more difficult for law firms to hire new attorneys.

There are also a lot of factors that go into determining the average salary for a lawyer, including the specific type of work they perform. For example, criminal and family attorneys tend to receive more monetary compensation than tax and corporate lawyers.

Are there other types of lawyers?

If you’re looking for a different path to the top, there are a few other careers in the legal world that might be a better fit. For instance, you could join a public defender agency or become in-house counsel for a company.

You might also be interested in a career as a trial lawyer, where you would argue cases in court. You’ll need to be an active thinker and have the ability to analyze facts and present your case in a clear, concise manner. Recommended this site medical malpractice law firm .

Are you ready for long, irregular hours and unpredictable work schedules?

In some areas of law, you might be expected to work nights or weekends in order to meet case/deal deadlines. These can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re new to the profession.

Are you ready to work late nights or weekends in order to meet case/deal obligations?

There are certain times of the year that are especially busy, and it’s important to be flexible if you want to stay competitive in this industry.

Are you ready for a career as a trial lawyer?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.â€​ If you’re passionate about debating and arguing with others, this might be the perfect career for you.

Are you ready for a demanding, challenging, and sometimes lonely career?

Despite all the negative media coverage of lawyers, they are actually a very rewarding and satisfying profession to be a part of. In fact, according to the ABA, they are actually in the best position of any profession for achieving professional satisfaction if they keep their negative outlooks at bay.




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