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It is known that you shop on Amazon very often, and you have many orders in your purchase history. However, what would happen if you do fall ill or if you have other needs that require you to be away from work for more than a week? What shall you do to ensure that your Amazon account runs efficiently? Well, this is where having an Amazon POA can be beneficial.

The acronym ‘AMAZON POA’ simply means Personnel Of Amazon.

This abbreviation can be defined as the legal authority granted to an individual to act for another party. A power of attorney on Amazon means that you can give permission to a third party to handle portions of your Amazon account. 

What is an Amazon POA, and why would you need one?

There are a few reasons why granting an Amazon POA can be useful:There are a few reasons why granting an Amazon POA can be useful:

– Extended travel: For those who will be away for business or vacation for more than a month, setting up a POA means assigning a friend or relative to manage your Amazon account to order items, monitor delivery, and manage your subscription.

– Illness: If you experience some kind of disability such as getting injured or sick or being confined in the hospital for a long time, an Amazon POA enables another person to manage your account so you do not miss out on the orders and payments.

– Assistance for elderly relatives: As parents or grandparents get older, giving POA to their children and grandchildren ensures that they can manage their assets by ordering groceries online or paying utility bills. This means that seniors can continue to use Amazon as needed and get help from family at the same time.

What can a Person of Authority (POA) on Amazon do?

An Amazon POA grants varying levels of access to your account based on your specifications, including abilities to:An Amazon POA grants varying levels of access to your account based on your specifications, including abilities to:

– Process purchase orders and modalities and choose how to make payments

– Orders can also be tracked and delivery options can as well be managed

– Today’s tips include handling returns, refunds, and exchanges

– See list of sites you visited and items you bought 

– Enjoy reading Kindle books and any other digital content for that matter.

– Oversee the digital magazine’s subscription and membership services.

– Change personal information, email address and phone number

– I noticed that the need to communicate with the Amazon customer service on your behalf.

The level of authority to be granted is determined by the type of POA access that you wish to accord. It is permission that you tend to adjust so that you get the right level of access that is required in your case.

As mentioned earlier, there are four types of access available to the Amazon POA.

POA is accessible in three types in Amazon and is considerate to users. Each gives varying account privileges:Each gives varying account privileges:

  1. Online shopping POA – For shopping purposes only

A Shopping POA only limitedly allows another person to purchase goods, products, and services for you. This could work for a caregiver, assistant or a helpful family member who is managing your household grocery needs.

  1. The limited power of attorney is authorized for shopping and account information.

A Limited POA enables a person to shop for products in your name and some minor account information. They can view order history and subscribers data to ease the process of subscription and the purchase process. However, they can neither alter any of the specifics in the account such as the password, authentication details or the settings. 

  1. Full Account Access POA  

This opens your account to a wider range of people and activities on the network. It grants the specific user complete access to the buying capabilities and modify any information of the account such as your address, login credentials, and payment options. It is only advisable to grant Full Access POA when one has total confidence in the person to whom the power of attorney is going to be granted.   

The steps to set up an Amazon POA are simpler than you may imagine, provided you follow the right procedures as highlighted in this article.

Granting POA access for your Amazon account involves just a few steps:Granting POA access for your Amazon account involves just a few steps:

  1. Save the agreement that Amazon uses for POA. Users can be restricted or allowed access and approval rights in the document according to specific requirements. 
  2. Both you and your designee should sign this document, and it must be notarized. This confirms that both you and your partner are okay with the conditions as stated in the POA.  
  3. To establish identity for yourself and the POA, bring photocopies of a valid ID, for instance, the driver’s license. Amazon also requires identities to be verified in order to grant POA.
  4. Enclose the signed POA agreement, a copy of ID for both the applicants, and the signed letter stating the reason for POA and what access is being granted. 

Maintain Control  

It is less stressful to give an Amazon POA when you are sick, out of station or in any way you require help. This is the one that enables others, for instance, your friend, to help you manage your account for some time. But as the original account holder you are protected from such a plight. However, note that you can always cancel the access anytime you want by going into your account settings. It is only advisable to open a POA with individuals you have faith in for such core points regarding financial and shopping. With necessary precautions, a POA guarantees your requirements are going to be addressed in the difficult situations when additional support from the close ones, whom you’ve chosen, is needed.




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